Court acquits Tunisian Femen member of defamation charges

 Published Monday, July 29, 2013

A court on Monday dismissed one case against Tunisian Femen activist Amina Sboui in which she was tried for contempt and defamation, her lawyer said, calling the verdict “a victory.”

But Ghazi Mrabet said Sboui still faces a pepper spray charge which carries a prison sentence of between six months and five years.

She could also be charged with desecrating a cemetery for which she could be jailed for up to two years if found guilty.

“The court decided to dismiss the case against Amina. It is a victory, the judiciary has begun to understand that she has been unfairly prosecuted,” the defense lawyer said of the contempt and defamation charge.

She was on trial on those two counts after she charged that detainees were tortured in the prison where she has been held since May after daubing the word “Femen” on a wall near a cemetery in the city of Kairouan.

She was protesting against an annual congress that hardline Salafists had planned to hold in the historic Islamic center of learning before the government banned it.

Amina’s mother said the verdict was “reassuring.”

“I am happy with this decision, it is reassuring for what comes next.I have faith against in the judicial system,” she told AFP.

Amina had sparked both scandal and a wave of online support after she was threatened by Tunisia’s increasingly active hardline Islamists for posting topless pictures of herself on Facebook earlier this year.

Her family said that she suffered from chronic depression and had suicidal tendencies, and they prevented her from going out, claiming her safety was at risk.

But the young woman, who accused her relatives of holding her in captivity and beating her, ran away from home in April and had regularly appeared in public before her detention in May.

The Femen movement, founded in Ukraine and now based in Paris, has flourished since 2010, with feminists around the world stripping off in protest at a wide range of issues linked to the mistreatment of women, but also against dictatorship.

At the end of May three Femen activist, two French and a German, were arrested after bearing their breasts outside the main Tunis courthouse, in a demonstration of support for Amina.

The arrest of the three women triggered international condemnation and they were later released.

Tunisian Femen activist Amina Sboui acquittal

Tunisian Femen activist Amina Sboui acquittal July 29, 2913. Al-Akhbar English

Al-Akhbar English

Topless Tunisia activists’ trial adjourned

2013-06-22 12:15

Tunis – The appeals trial of three European activists with women’s protest group Femen, jailed for baring their breasts in Tunis, was adjourned on Friday, their lawyer said.

Femen activists in Tunisia set for appeals hearing on Friday

By Agence France-Presse
Tuesday, June 18, 2013 7:30 EDT

Three European activists with the women’s topless protest group Femen, jailed for four months for baring their breasts in Tunis, will appeal their sentence on Friday, their lawyer said.

Trial for Three foreign FEMEN activists Delayed

Tunisia sentences Femen topless activists to prison

Three Europeans were sentenced to four months in prison Wednesday for staging a topless protest to support a jailed Tunisian Femen activist. The two French citizens and one German national were charged with indecency and attacking public morals.

Latest update: 12/06/2013 FRANCE 24

Light Sentence given to FEMEN Amina Sboui

Harsher sentence sought for Tunisian feminist

June 10, 2013

TUNIS, Tunisia (AP) — A lawyer says a prosecutor has appealed a sentence that a court gave to a Tunisian feminist for possessing pepper spray as not harsh enough.

Amina Sboui is a member of the Ukrainian feminist group Femen.

New FEMEN charges in Amina case

New charges against Tunisia Femen activist Amina Sboui

The presiding judge in the trial of a young Tunisian woman with the topless protest group Femen, says she will face fresh charges, including indecency, and has ordered her to be remanded in custody.

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European FEMEN activists charged

Tunisia charges European feminists

2013-05-31 16:30

Tunis – The defence lawyer for the three European feminists that protested topless in front of the Tunis courthouse says they have been charged with offending public decency and threatening public order.