Tunisia faces Crisis: Opposition plans Protests to unseat Islamist Gov’t

AIM Newswire  —   September 6, 2013

WASHINGTON — Tunisia’s opposition threatens more widespread protests against the current Islamist government, led by the Ennahda party.

Reuters reported that the secular opposition are upset how slow the negotiations were going and say that the political stalemate will eventually end the Islamist government’s short rule.

The opposition, led by secular parties, are leading in the polls. The main issue is that there are about 12 different parties. But, the ruling Islamist Ennahda party is highly unpopular among Tunisians. This means that this will mark a second Arabic country who will push out an Islamist government, as Egypt did recently to Mohammed Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood party.

The current Tunisian political stalemate is a result of two assassinations of top opposition lawmakers, where Tunisians immediately blamed the Ennahda party of coordinating. Ennahda denied any involvement and blamed al-Qaeda operatives operating in the desert and mountain regions of the country. But, it seems that the Tunisian public is not buying the Ennahda narrative.

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