Conférence Débat : L’ECONOMIE TUNISIENNE : Constat, perspective et souveraineté


L’association Uni*T a le plaisir de vous annoncer la reprise de ses cycles de conférences-débats et de cafés-débat. Nous allons inaugurer ce début de cycle avec une conférence sur un sujet tant attendu : l’économie.

Organisée en partenariat avec la maison de Tunisie la conférence L’ECONOMIE TUNISIENNE : A LA CROISEE DES CHEMINS – diagnostic, perspective et souveraineté aura lieu le Dimanche 27 octobre 2013 de 14h à 17h à la maison de Tunisie.

Autour de :

Dr. ACHRAF AYADI – Expert Bancaire et Financier

MOHAMED BALGHOUTHI – Expert consultant en stratégie et en intelligence économique.

Comme à notre habitude nous réserverons une large partie de la rencontre au débat avec la salle.

Tunisia: Critical need for justice after second political killing this year


25 July 2013

The Tunisian authorities must deliver justice to stem a worrying tide of political violence, Amnesty International said after Mohamed Brahmi was shot dead outside his home in Tunis today.

The leader of the Tunisian leftist opposition party the Popular Current (Courant Populaire, El Tayyar El Chaabi), was also a member of the National Constituent Assembly and a critical voice against the ruling party Ennahda.

His murder, on the anniversary of the founding of the Republic of Tunisia, comes just months after another opposition leader, Chokri Belaid, was shot dead in February – sending shockwaves through Tunisian society and prompting the resignation of the then Prime Minister.

“The targeting of a member of the National Constituent Assembly is a blow to the rule of law in Tunisia,” said Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui, Deputy Middle East and North Africa Programme Director at Amnesty International.

“A truly independent and impartial investigation into the killing must be immediately opened. Delivering justice for these two killings and other violent attacks against individuals must be an urgent priority in Tunisia.

“So far, little has been done by the authorities to ensure that reported attacks against members of the opposition are adequately investigated and those responsible are brought to justice, fuelling a climate of impunity and increasing political polarization. While there is an ongoing judicial investigation into the killing of Chokri Belaid, and some suspects have been arrested, nobody has been tried yet for this crime.

“The Tunisian authorities have a duty to protect all individuals, including those who criticize the government or Tunisia’s leading Ennahda party, from violence, and to act against individuals and groups who commit acts of violence, regardless of their affiliation. As Tunisians take to the streets to protest Mohamed Brahmi’s killing, we urge the security forces to refrain from unnecessary or excessive use of force, and to ensure that people can express their views peacefully and freely.”

AI Index: PRE01/366/2013

Ghannouchi becomes international Brotherhood’s deputy

Rachid Ghannouchi, leader of Tunisia’s Islamist Ennahda Party, has become the second highest-ranking figure in the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood, after he was appointed head of its political bureau.

Sami Fehri Writes

Sami Fehri of Ettounissiya TV483494_511772625526444_890683190_n

I’m an idiot because I believed that there was a revolution in Tunisia, that there is now freedom of speech and justice, and that the law can exonerate me.

I’m an idiot because I handed myself over and thought it impossible that he who has suffered injustice, claimed to fear God, and languished in prison for years could turn into a torturer.

I’m an idiot because I refused to ally myself with Ennahda and be its propaganda tool — believing that hard work and perseverance were enough to ensure my success.

I’m an idiot because I believed the lawyers who told me that the Court of Cassation is the highest court in the country and that after Jan. 14, 2011, the government no longer interferes in the judiciary.

I’m an idiot because I believed the words of the minister of transitional justice when he visited me twice at the hospital, asked me to stop my hunger strike and vowed to liberate me on Jan. 3, 2013, in accordance with the law. I believed him when he said that freeing me while on hunger strike will send a negative message to other prisoners, who would then assume that I was released because of my hunger strike and not because I was innocent.

I’m an idiot because I thought that I will soon be freed when the prime minister invited my wife to Dar Dhiafa and assured her that I will be released in accordance with the law.

I’m an idiot because I believed and I still believe that Minister Samir Dilou and former Prime Minister Hamadi Jebali have made the necessary effort. But I didn’t think for a moment that the force governing the country would deceive even their minister and head of government.

I’m an idiot because I didn’t understand that the force governing the country is not after my money or my person, but only wants to shut down Ettounissiya TV at any cost and put its hands on it before the elections.

I’m an idiot because I thought that my defense, my respect for justice, and my hunger strike would be enough to change the course of events, while in fact letting me die from a hunger strike is nowhere as bad as assassinating Chokri Belaid.

I’m an idiot because I thought that they wouldn’t dare practice injustice openly even though they had made a son[in-law] a cabinet minister and a friend, governor.

I’m an idiot because it took me so long to understand that I will not leave prison and that the number of detention warrants against me will increase.

I’m an idiot and happy about my idiocy because I succeeded in creating a TV station from nothing and in the worst conditions and that it once was the most-watched TV station in Tunisia.

I’m an idiot and happy about my idiocy because my artistic work has brought me into your hearts and made my family proud of me.

In the end, I will maintain my idiocy and try to resist, even though I have lost confidence in almost everything.

- Translated from French and Arabic

عادل الدريدي

عادل الدريدي نسخة كندية1017117_494484377291783_1889234565_n

السيد هذا قبل ميولي مطلوب للقضاء في كندا وعديد البلدان وقبل متوصل النهضة للحكم كان اسمو Darren Stevenson وكان مسيحي ويعيش في كندا ……..بعد مولي مطلوب للقضاء بتهمة التحيل في عديد البلدان هرب لتونس واستقر فيها وغير الاسم متاعو ولي اسمو Darren abdul rahim stevenson وقال راني اعتنقت الاسلام واتصل بحمادي الجبالي وعرض عليه ولي منصب مستشار للحكومة في النفط وولي من جامع الجامع

السيد هذا قبل اول عباد عداه عليهم هوما الحكوما بما انو استغل تصاورو مع حمادي الجبالي واصبح يتصل بالشركات ويقدم في نفسو على انو مستشار للحكومة في النفط وهذا بالطبيعة موش موجود في الرائد الرسمي

القصرين-جبل الشعانبي: الجيش الوطني يكتشف نفق يصل إلى معتمدية فوسانة

تم إنشاءه بتاريخ الإثنين, 24 حزيران/يونيو 2013

المـــراسل : تمكن الجيش الوطني اليوم من إكتشاف نفق في جبل الشعانبي خلال عملية تمشيط في المنطقة والذي يصل إلى معتمدية فوسانة من ولاية القصرين.